Pastoral Council

Under the leadership of our Pastor, Fr. George Roney, the St. John Neumann Pastoral Council exercise shared responsibility for the pastoral life of the parish.  We research the needs, the ideas, and the hopes of the faith community.  We encourage and support existing ministries.  We evaluate the quality of life of the parish faith community.  And finally we recommend policies, procedures and programs that will implement the values of the parish and fulfill the Church's mission.


We begin taking applications during the months of January and February of odd numbered years.  To be eligible, you must be:

     a registered member of St. John Neumann Catholic Church

    in full communion with the Catholic Church

    at least 18 years old on the day of the elections  Elections are held at all the Masses the third Saturday/Sunday of February.  

Del Rio Mullen

Member of SJN since 2014

Council Term:  2017 – 2021

Fred Mendoza

Member of SJN since 2006

Council Term:  2017 – 2021

Jenna Chang

Member of SJN since 2009

Council Term:  2017 – 2021

I am involved in several ministries here at St. John Neumann.   I serve as an usher/Greeter, Reader, Minister Lead for the Sunday, 5 p.m. Mass, and as an RCIA sponsor.  I am also a member of the ACTS community.  I felt called to serve on the Pastoral Council, and who am I so say “no” to the Lord?

I am the guy you will find volunteering in the SJN Donut Booth at the South Plains Fair.  I have also served as the assistant CCE teacher of the Reconciliation class on Sunday mornings.  I serve on the Pastoral Council because I want to help St. John Neumann to prosper and grow.  As I learn more about how the Church operates, I hope to offer ideas that will help St. John Neumann in its mission.

I love our Lord, our Catholic faith, and our parish community.  As St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, “The fruit of love is service.”  By serving on the Pastoral Council, I hope to labor in love for our parish, and to especially lend my voice to represent the youth at St. John Neumann and to support the families in our parish.  I am the previous Youth Director of SJN.  I currently serve at the Diocese as the Director of Family Life.  I am a member of the Theology of the Body for Teens ministry, ad I am a doctoral student in Marriage and Family therapy at Texas Tech.

Sandy Abbe


Member of SJN since 2011

Council Term: 2019 - 2023

Kevin Harris

Member of SJN since 2017

Council Term: 2019 - 2023

Reyna Torres

Member of SJN since 2001

Council Term:  2017 – 2021

I love the parish of St. John Neumann and its beautiful people.  By serving on the Pastoral Council, I serve SJN with my talents and ability.  There is so much joy and live that one receives when serving others.  I wish to spread that love and jo through the hospitality for which our parish is known.  There is much work to be done, and as previously mentioned I will do my best to make certain this work is carried out for the members of our parish and for those generations to come.  I also serve my parish as a CCE teacher, and I am a member of the Cursillo and ACTS communities.

Raquel Harris


Member of SJN since 2017

Council Term:  2019 - 2023

Brenda Green

Member of SJN since 1985

Council Term:  2017 – 2021

I have been at St. John Neumann since I was six years old.  I have watched my parish grow as I grew.  I currently serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and a reader.  I would like to continue to serve my parish as a Pastoral Council member and bring my ideas to the Council to continue the growth on SJN.

Terri Maldonado


Member of SJN since 2017

Council Term:  2019 - 2023

Sally Martinez

Member of SJN since

Council Term:  2019 - 2023

Melissa Perez

Member of SJN since

Council Term:  2019 - 2023

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Tuesday - 12:00 noon Comm Service

Wednesday - 12:00 noon

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Friday - 12:00 noon



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