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Do you seek to live with greater holiness in your life? Are you ready to embrace the Beatitudes taught by Jesus and make them part and parcel of your daily life? In this set of nine reflections with the Beatitudes, Scripture scholar Art Zannoni provides you with lovely and profound reflections on these familiar sayings of Jesus.

Do you want to grow in holiness? Do you want to let the Holy Spirit lead you to love, forgiveness, happiness, and faith? This retreat is the one for you.

This is a 3-session spiritual experience modeled on the Ignatian Exercises. It can be used on a single personal retreat day, or over the course of a week in separate sessions. Many people use this retreat over and over again, to help them become more conscious of the presence of the Holy Spirit deep within us.

This personal retreat will help you  come to understand how central compassion is in the mission of Christ, the personality of God, and the work of redemption. 

Author and scripture scholar Dr. Art Zannoni leads participants through a wonderful set of reflections, building in three movements to a life-changing experience of God's forgiveness and love.

Saturday - 5:30 p.m.

Sunday - 11:30 AM

Monday - 12:00 noon  

Tuesday - 12:00 noon Comm Service

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Friday - 12:00 noon


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