"Do not be afraid to be Holy"
Pope Francis

The Women's group of St. John Neumann is a group of women in the parish who want to build a deeper sense of community especially among women in the parish.  We participate in a variety of activities within the church as well as in the community.

The women come with open hearts and non-judgmental minds, ready to share their wisdom, to listen with their hearts, and to open themselves to spiritual growth and learning.

Mission Statement

As we strive for Holiness, our Mission, as a group, is to be a part of a community of women who strive to serve, encourage and uplift one another.  Our commitment to Holiness impels and transforms us to be Spirit filled individuals who can reach out and minister to all people, challenging and enabling them to build God's Kingdom of justice and holiness.

We will uphold the obedience to our Pastor, our Bishop and ultimately to our Pontiff.

Juanita Casarez



Rosa Moreno

Vice President


Josie Triplett



Tina Mendez



Mary Pekowski


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